Wednesday, November 16, 2016

3D Rigged Lowpoly Knight available on Itchio!

Kingdom Of Gamez 3D lowpoly rigged knight is a beautiful little piece of model you put in your game, It's well rigged, Inverse kinematics available, UV mapped with textures included as well as 2 MD2 models, MD2 models are animated 3D models can imported to game engines e.g : *GameMaker:Studio.

I love these kind of models, Which can be used in different games, Because it is a knight, Whenever you make a game about swords and old centuries then you got your knight covered, It can be the hero, It can be the villain, It can be a big boss, It can a statues, Your imagination is the only limit. If you want to see how the model look like then try out this DEMO includes the Rig in it, Click here or click this link

If you're a GameMaker: Studio user then here is a ready-to-use asset you can import directly to GameMaker: Studio, It is exactly the same from here but it is typically can be imported directly to GM, So whenever you need the model in GameMaker: Studio then you can just load it to your game. Click here or 3D Rigged Knight by KingdomOfGamez.

I used this rig with my nature pack asset it looks awesome, You see how it look like down in the video included in the description, And if you want to get the nature pack asset then you can buy it here or click Lowpoly Nature Pack by KingdomOfGamez.

- License ~ Please make sure to read the license of use when you download it.

*If you're interested in importing 3D Animated MD2 models into your game then read my tutorial about How To Load Animated MD2 Models in GameMaker: Studio.

Thursday, September 15, 2016

OFFICIAL - We shutdown

Today we shutdown our .ml website and now you're going to be redirected to our .com website as the official website for Kingdom Of Gamez . Rest in peace .ml domain, You were an awesome wingman :) the first ever website I've hosted without a subdomain.

OFFICAL - Support Kingdom Of Gamez on Patreon

We officially opened our Patreon Account !

A lot of games are in progress because they need a lot of work and as long as I am the only person who work on them they take time because a lot of work should be done by me from Graphics and modeling to rigging and animating to Programming and designing,
So it take a long time but after we opened our patreon account it can be a piece of cake!

$1 or more:They will be credited in the Game Intro, Game Outro and Game Trailer.
$5 or more:They will be credited in the Game Intro, Game Outro and Game Trailer. and a lot of coupon codes discounts, from minimum 50% to the maximum 100% coupon codes discounts.
Goal : $1000 per month
If I reached this price per month, I will finish more games and products as long as I have the enough money, I'll leave college and focus on indie game development as my primary job.
Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoy the rewards!

Monday, September 12, 2016

OFFICAL - Kingdom Of Gamez announce a new domain name

We officially registered our .COM domain

and this domain is the replacement of our old domain .ML and all our news, Updates and links go to this website,  Just to give you a little update, We replaced our old with our new .COM domain and all the news, updates and links go this website, As for will be my personal website for testing and some other HTML5 games testing, For now enjoy the new website and thanks so much for reading!